Which Precious Metals Are Best to Pawn

There is a seemingly endless amount of reasons why you should visit your local pawn shop. Whether you need cash quickly or are interested in browsing through an incredible selection of quality items, you can’t go wrong visiting your local pawn shop. There’s a reason why pawn shops are such successful businesses – they offer a valuable service to local communities. For example, if you are in need of cash quickly and don’t want to deal with getting a loan from a traditional financial institution, the pawn shop is the perfect alternative. Pawn shops are always interested in exchanging cash for quality goods such as items made from precious metals. Let’s take a look at which precious metals are best to pawn below so that you know how to get the most cash the next time you are interested in a pawn loan.


Gold has long been one of the most valuable precious metals in the world. In fact, it is still thought of as an excellent store of value. If you have jewelry or items that are made out of gold, there’s a good chance the local pawn shop will be open to accepting it as collateral for a pawn loan. Since gold pieces have steady demand, you can typically get a nice chunk of change by trading in your gold items at the pawn shop.


Another classic precious metal that can get you the money you want from the pawn shop is silver. This is one of the best precious metals to pawn because of its timeless beauty. Some of the most common silver items that pawn shop owners look for include jewelry, rings, and silverware. If you have old items lying around your house that are made from silver, you should absolutely consider bringing them into the pawn shop. Reach out to Las Vegas Pawn today if you have any questions about the value of your silver and how the pawn process works.


If you have an item that is made from platinum, consider yourself lucky. This is one of the more expensive precious metals, but a lot will depend on your specific item. Consider things like the purity, weight, and the market price of platinum before you go into the pawn shop with your platinum items. The more you can research ahead of the pawn loan negotiating process, the better suited you will be to maximize the amount of cash you get. Keep that in mind if you have platinum jewelry or pieces that you aren’t using anymore and want to exchange them for cash.

Precious Metal Power

There are always certain items that pawn shop owners love to have in their stores, and items made from precious metals are the perfect example. Remember that gold, silver, and platinum pieces are the best precious metals to pawn. Connect with Las Vegas Pawn today if you have any questions about pawn shops or how to get cash for your precious metals.