What’s My Item Worth at the Pawn Shop?

If you have old possessions lying around your house that you aren’t using anymore, the pawn shop provides you the perfect opportunity to capitalize. Pawn shop owners are always on the lookout for items that they can sell at their stores, which means you can trade your items in for cold hard cash. You’d be surprised at how much money you can actually get for some of your old items. All it takes is heading into your local pawn shop with your item to get an instant idea about how much money it’s worth. Before you do that, it’s a good idea to learn a little bit more about what kinds of items are worth the most to pawn dealers. That’s why we’ve put together a brief overview below to help you learn what your item could be worth at the pawn shop. If you are interested in heading to the best pawn shop in the west, reach out to Las Vegas Pawn today.


Without a doubt, firearms are one of the most popular items at pawn shops. Guns like pistols and hunting rifles tend to fetch great prices at the pawn shop. There’s always a market for used guns, which is why many pawn shop owners are always searching for them. If you have an antique or custom firearm, you could end up getting even more cash at the pawn shop. Pawn shops also have all of the forms and background checks that are necessary to complete the transaction with minimal hassle. Firearms are worth a good bit at the local pawn shop, so keep that in mind if you need quick cash.

Gold and Jewelry

Another item that can fetch you a nice chunk of change at the pawn shop is gold and jewelry. If you have gold, platinum, silver, or jewelry that is high quality, you can take it to the pawn shop and usually walk out with cash on the spot. It might be a good idea to look up the overall prices for gold and silver before you head in to get an overall idea of what fair value is. A pawn shop owner will be able to instantly assess the value of your item and let you know what kind of deal they can make. Also, high-end designer jewelry and anything with precious gems can get you even more cash.

Musical Instruments

If you have musical instruments that are sitting at home collecting dust, it’s a good idea to take them into the pawn shop. That’s because items like guitars, drum sets, violin, and trumpets can be exchanged for cash. The reason pawn shop owners love musical instruments is that there is always a demand for them. You should be able to walk out of the pawn shop with some nice money depending on the musical instrument that you bring in.

We hope this article has helped you recognize some of the great opportunities you have to exchange your items for cash at the pawn shop. Although it’s tough to provide a specific dollar value for each of these items ahead of your visit, the pawn shop owner will make you an offer if you bring them in.