Top Items People Sell at Pawnshops

Sell Guitars to Pawn Shops

If you have ever faced a financial crisis, you know it can be quite a challenge. As you struggle to pay your bills, late payments affect your credit. When you try to get a loan to keep your accounts in good standing, your poor credit keeps you from getting approved. It’s a vicious circle.


Luckily, pawnshops provide a welcomed solution to financial struggles. You can quickly pawn your valuables for some extra cash to hold you over until payday.  This allows you to get some money for the time being and recover your things later when you repay your loan.


You might be wondering what items you can pawn. Whether a gold necklace or a like-new iPhone, there are several items you can pawn to get some extra cash. In this article, we’ll discuss five everyday things that people pawn.


Top Items to Pawn at Your Local Shop


Here are the five most common items people pawn:


1.   Jewelry


Jewelry is a significant category of the most popular pawned items. Besides adding the finishing touches to your outfit, quality jewelry is perceived as a valuable investment. From silver bracelets and gold chains to diamond rings and gemstones, there is a wide variety of jewelry people pawn. Since expensive items like diamonds and gold never go out of style, you can always get a good amount of money for your pawned jewelry.


2. Electronics


The second most common item that people pawn is electronic devices. Cell phones, televisions, laptops, iPads, and other electronics can earn you a good amount of money. You can even pawn video games and electronic kitchen tools for some fast cash. Consumers have a longstanding habit of switching to new models of their devices as soon as they are released. Therefore, pawning or selling your current device can typically get you a good amount of cash.


3. Old Coins and Watches


Similar to jewelry, old coins and watches also hold a lot of value. Old coins and watches prove to be in high demand at most pawnshops. Coins with rare currencies from other countries can be worth a lot of money. Older coins from the U.S. are also incredibly valuable. Additionally, watch enthusiasts are always looking for new pieces to buy. Big brands like Rolex can be exchanged for a significant amount of money.


4. Musical Instruments


Have you ever thought about pawning your musical instruments? If you have musical instruments that you aren’t using, you can exchange them for cash. Guitars, keyboards, drums, and other instruments can easily be exchanged at your local pawnshop if they’re in good condition.


5. Sports Equipment


It’s no secret that sports equipment gets expensive! If you’ve spent a good amount of money on sports gear that you’re no longer using, you should consider bringing it to your local pawnshop. Golf clubs, baseball bats, hockey gear, and other sports gear can get you a decent amount of cash. Collectors’ items and autographed memorabilia also hold a lot of value.


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