Tips for Taking Broken Jewelry into the Pawn Shop

One of the great things about going to the pawn shop is that there is always the possibility that the owner will want to acquire the items that you bring in. Normally, you want to take items that are in great condition to the pawn shop to get the largest cash offer possible. However, if you have broken jewelry at your home, it’s definitely worth a shot to bring it into your local pawn shop to see if they will accept it. There are actually a few tips for taking broken jewelry into the pawn shop that you should keep in mind. We’ve prepared a list of those tips below, so keep reading on to learn more.

Tip #1 – Clean It Before Bringing It In

If you have broken or damaged jewelry that you no longer want, taking it to the pawn shop is a nice option. You can potentially walk outside the shop with cash in your hands. One of the tips to keep in mind if you are taking broken jewelry into the pawn shop is to clean it thoroughly before bringing it in. Do your best to clean your broken jewelry and make it as presentable as possible. That way, the pawnbroker will be more inclined to give you a better offer if they decide to accept your broken jewelry.

Tip #2 – Learn About the Basics

The unique thing about pawn shops is that you will enter into negotiations with the pawn shop owner if they want to buy your broken jewelry. That’s why it’s a good idea to learn the basics of jewelry pricing and precious metals so that you have an idea about how much it is worth. Learn about things like the carat, cut, clarity, and hue of gems and special stones that are included in your broken jewelry. The more information you have about your jewelry ahead of going in, the better suited you will be to make a smart deal.

Tip #3 – Bring in All of the Pieces

It’s hard to imagine getting cash for your broken jewelry, but the truth is that many pawn shop owners will be interested in your items. It helps to bring in all of the pieces when you head to the pawn shop. Some pawn shop owners will be interested in repairing and reselling the broken jewelry, but won’t be able to do that unless you bring in all of the pieces you can. The more complete an item is, even if broken, the better the cash offer will be if they decide to move forward with the trade. This is a great tip for taking broken jewelry into the pawn shop.

Just because you have broken jewelry, doesn’t mean it has to sit on your shelf gathering dust. Bring your broken jewelry into Las Vegas Pawn to potentially get cash for your items that you aren’t using anymore.