The Best Items to Sell to Pawn Shops for Quick Cash

What to Sell at Pawn Shops

When you need some quick cash, a trip to your local pawn shop to sell some unwanted items may be the perfect solution for you. Chances are, you’ve got items laying around your home that you can sell and we are always looking for new merchandise to stock our shelves with. However, because we’re committed to providing our customers with a great shopping experience, we can’t buy just anything. If you’re wondering what types of things we buy most at our shop, here are the top items you can sell to make some quick cash.


Jewelry, especially gold or diamond jewelry, will always be a favorite at pawn shops. We are always looking for great, quality pieces to sell in our shop. If you have some old pieces of fine jewelry hanging around your home that you haven’t used in ages, bring it on into our shop for an appraisal.


Many people rely on power tools to do their jobs. However, the price of buying new power tools is out of reach for many people. That’s why so many customers head to pawn shops where they know they can get a great deal of quality power tools. Maybe you have some tools that have been sitting unused in your garage. If so, you could turn those unused tools into some serious cash.


Electronics are another popular favorite at pawn shops. However, you should know that when it comes to selling electronics, we often prefer to buy newer and high-end selections. Before you bring your unwanted electronics into the pawn shop, take some time to make sure that they’re in good working order.


Newer smartphones that are in good working condition are often in demand at pawn shops. In order to sell your smartphone to a pawn shop, make sure that your phone does not fall under any open payment agreements. As long as you own your phone free and clear, you should be able to turn it into a nice amount of cash. Although it’s not completely necessary, it’s always helpful if you can bring your phone in with its original components such as charging cords and headphones.


Just like high-end jewelry, watches are a popular favorite with our customers. Many pawn shops are always looking for quality watches to add to their store. The value of your watch will depend on many different factors including the brand and what type of condition it’s in.

Gold & Currency

Finally, gold and collectible currency can fetch you top dollar at our pawn shop. If you have some gold or special currency tucked away, but you need cash now, bring it into our shop and we will evaluate it to tell you its worth. We pay top dollar for gold and other precious metals.

The next time you want to sell your unwanted treasures for cash, or if you’re shopping for something special, come down to Las Vegas Pawn shop! Our friendly staff is standing by to help you with whatever you need.