The Best Items to Pawn in a Pawn Shop

If you are in need of some quick cash, the local pawn shop always offers a great solution. It’s always important to think long about any type of pawning transactions because you will need to pay back the value of the loan with interest to actually get the pawned item back. However, pawn shops offer a service that is extremely helpful for many people. Finding success with pawning an item requires a certain level of strategy and knowledge. We’ve put together some of the best items to pawn in a pawn shop below to give you a great idea of how to make the most of this type of transaction.

  1. Precious Metals

Precious metals are known to always hold their value over time. In fact, many precious metals increase in value over time, which is a good thing if you are looking to maximize your cash return on a transaction. That means anything you have made out of precious metals will provide you good value in a pawn shop transaction. Gold is typically worth a lot more than silver, while some rare precious metals will be more valuable than both. 

  • Jewelry

Continuing with the precious metals idea, if you have any jewelry made out of gold, platinum, or silver, it can be the perfect item to pawn. Everyone seems to own at least one piece of jewelry, which means it’s something that pawn shops can actually sell. Pawn shops are actually known to be a great place to buy jewelry, and if you can help contribute to their jewelry inventory you will most definitely be compensated.

  • Diamonds

Diamonds are a girl’s best friend. They are also a pawn shops best friend too. If you need cash quick and have diamonds, you can fetch a pretty penny by pawning them. The thing about diamonds is that their value is universally accepted. They aren’t easy to mass produce which means they are somewhat rare. Pretty much every pawn shop love to receive diamonds in exchange for cash.

  • Firearms

Another classic item that pawn shops love to receive are firearms. They are consistently a best seller around the United States and can get you a nice amount of cash if you are so inclined. Many people have guns and firearms that they simply don’t use, which means pawning them can be a great option if they are in need of cash fast.

  • Electronics

Pawn shops will always pay well for items that are in high demand. We live in a society where electronics and digital technology have pretty much taken over. If you have electronics like smartphones, computers, and televisions, why not take them to a pawn shop to see what you can get for them? 

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