Smart Ways to Clean Jewelry Before Bringing it to the Pawn Shop

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If you have old jewelry around your house that hasn’t seen the light of day for a while, you should consider taking it into your local pawn shop. That’s because most pawn shop owners are open to exchanging cash for your old jewelry, especially if it is a high-quality item. Pawn shops make it easy to walk in with your possessions and walk out with cash, which is always a valuable option if you find yourself pressed for cash. With that said, you should always clean your jewelry before you decide to trade it in at the pawn shop. That way, you can make sure you get the maximum value for your items.

Below, we’ve put together a quick list of smart ways to clean your jewelry before bringing it into the pawn shop. Keep reading on to learn more and remember to head into Las Vegas Pawn if you are interested in the best pawn shop experience in the West.

1. Soap and Water

One of the easiest ways to get your jewelry clean and presentable before you go to the pawn shop to trade it in is by using soap and water. It’s best to use this combination and gold, silver, and hard gemstones. You can fill up a bowl with mild dish soap and warm water and then let your items soak in the solution for about fifteen minutes. After that, take your items out and use a toothbrush to remove any dirt and grime. Make sure it’s a soft toothbrush, as you don’t want to scratch your jewelry. After your clean it off, you can rinse the item with water and dry it off with a soft cloth.

2. Jewelry Cleaning Machine

Another easy way to get your jewelry looking great ahead of a trip to the pawn shop is to use a jewelry cleaning machine. These machines are typically found in drugstores and can be the perfect way to get your gold and silver items looking fantastic before you trade them in at the pawn shop. The only downside here is that you will need to pay to use the machine, but it could end up being a worthy investment if you get a great price from the pawn shop owner.

3. Ammonia

If your gold and silver jewelry is particularly dirty, you might want to consider using Ammonia to return its shine. First, create a mixture of about a ½ cup of clear ammonia and 1 cup of warm water. Let your jewelry soak in the mixture for roughly ten minutes and wipe the item off with a soft cloth. This is not recommended for gemstones and pearls, but it can make a big difference in gold and silver items.

Getting your jewelry looking great ahead of a trip to the pawn shop is one of the best ways to ensure you get the maximum amount of cash for trading it in. Head over to Las Vegas Pawn if you have any jewelry you’d like to trade-in or if you are interested in browsing an incredible selection of items for sale.