Pawn Shop in Fontana

Looking to get some quick cash for your electronics, valuables, and gold in Fontana? Look no further than Las Vegas Pawn in San Bernardino, CA and Las Vegas Jewelry And Loan in Victorville, CA.

Top Dollar For Your Valuables in Fontana

Stack-of-Cash2We service Fontana and provide standard pawn services as well as total value sale of your item to provide you even more freedom with your property. Our expert staff has many years of experience in appraising your valuables and property which ensures we are giving you the most honest price around for your items.





Pawn Electronics in Fontana

If you are seeking to pawn your electronics in Fontana come to Las Vegas Pawn. We are experts in buying, selling, and trading high-value items such as jewelry, gold, and used electronics at fantastic prices. Find great deals and make immediate cash when you visit our shop.
At Las Vegas Pawn, we are always training our staff about the latest and greatest in electronics. We pride ourselves in providing our customers a market value that is fair for their electronics. Our shop is large, and we have a display that is full of electronics to choose from. We have two locations that are convenient serve you and your electronics needs.

Pawn Gold and Jewelry in Fontana

In today’s market, lots of people are getting numerous estimates on their precious metals – which is a best practice. If your Danche-Guitars-on-Wall1-940x895precious metals are not tested properly, you may be selling too low. Additionally, some companies only use the melting point methods to assess your gold and jewelry. This is a problem because many precious metals have special characteristics that are worth far more than the melting point method determines. This is just one of many reasons in which you should check out Las Vegas Pawn for your gold and precious metal needs. Not only will you always get the highest payout, but you will certainly be comforted with the thought that you got the best deal available!

If you’re in need of pawn services in Fontana visit one of Las Vegas Pawn’s two locations or give us a call by clicking this link for more information.