How to Know If Your Silver Is Real or Plated

One of the most timeless materials for jewelry is silver. Thanks to its illustrious shine and classic aesthetic, silver jewelry is one of the most popular items at pawn shops. Pawn shop owners are always looking to pick up high-quality silver pieces and will pay you top dollar for your silver. With that said, it’s important for you to understand whether or not your silver is the real deal or if it is plated. That’s why we’ve put together the following guide to help you determine if your silver is real or plated. If you have silver jewelry you are looking to trade in for cash, make sure you head into Las Vegas Pawn today.

The Magnet Test

If you are interested in learning whether or not your silver item is plated, one of the easiest ways to tell is by performing the magnet test. Since real silver is paramagnetic in nature, it won’t be attracted to a magnet if it’s legitimate. Grab a strong magnet and put it near your silver to see the reaction. If it sticks to it or is attracted to the magnet, there’s a good chance that your silver item is an imitation piece.

Check for a Stamp

Most of the high-quality silver pieces will have a stamp or markings that confirm whether or not the item is made from real silver. Some of the common markings you will find are “sterling silver”, .925 or a higher number, and a lion hallmark. When you see .925, it signifies that the item is made with 92.5% fine silver. Sterling silver means that it is solid silver. If you don’t see any markings or stamps on your silver piece, there’s a good chance it is fake.

The Ice Test

Silver is a great thermal conductor, which provides us with another great way to confirm whether or not an item is made from real silver or if it is fake. Grab some ice and your silver item and hold it in your hand. The ice will melt faster when it is placed with a silver item. The bigger your silver item is, the faster the ice should melt if it is indeed made from authentic silver.

Take It to the Pawn Shop

If you are still struggling to determine whether or not your item is made from real silver or if it is plated, you can always take it into the local pawn shop. That way, you can have it professionally evaluated by the pawn shop owner. This is also a nice option if you are interested in learning how much your item might be worth. They will be able to examine your silver piece in detail and perform certain chemical tests that will remove any doubts you have about the authenticity of your item.

Final Thoughts

Silver is one of the most popular materials for jewelry in the world, which means there are plenty of false versions of it out there to watch out for. Keep the tips mentioned above in mind to figure out just how pure your silver item is.