How to Get Top Dollar for Your Musical Instruments

Sell Guitars to Pawn Shops

Maybe your dreams of becoming a rock star didn’t really go as planned and now your prized guitar is just collecting dust in your guest room. Or maybe your son or daughter never really got the hang of that violin. Whatever the case, there are times when people find themselves with unwanted musical instruments. When that happens, a trip to your local pawn shop could help you turn your unused instruments into money to buy something that you can actually use!

Before you head down to your local pawn shop, it’s best to give them a call to see if they specialize in musical instruments. The quality and price range of various musical instruments can vary greatly, however, not all pawn shops have the expertise necessary to price these items fairly. For that reason, many pawn shops won’t deal in buying or selling musical instruments at all. However, other pawn shop owners know a great deal about musical instruments and their worth. Dealing with a shop that handles a fair number of high-quality instruments could ensure that you fetch top dollar for yours.

The second then you want to do before you sell your musical instrument is to give it a thorough inspection. Remember, the better condition your item is in, the more money you can get for it. Take care to ensure that there is no major damage to your interment. If you’re selling a guitar, make sure the strings are in good condition. It’s important to remember that pawn shops are not in the business of repairing instruments, so it needs to be in the best condition possible before they buy it.

If you have some nice accessories to go along with your instrument, you could fetch a higher price for selling all your items as a package. For example, if you’re selling an electric guitar and have an amp or a nice set of pedals, those could be very desirable items to your pawn broker. Instrument cases are also very popular accessories.

Finally, if there’s something really special about your instrument, you should let your pawn broker know. For example, if it is special edition, autographed by a famous musician, etc. those are all factors that could increase the value of your item. Whenever possible, you should bring along any paperwork that can help prove the high value of your item. For example, if you have a certificate of authenticity or even the receipts from your original purchase, then can help your pawn broker give you the highest price possible.

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