How to Clean Gold Jewelry

Gold jewelry is one of the most valuable items to take into your local pawn shop. That’s because gold retains its value over time and is always in high demand. If you have old jewelry lying around your house that you never use, it’s a good idea to consider taking it into a pawn shop. That way, you can either use the cash you receive for the jewelry towards something better or exchange your gold jewelry for another great item at the pawn shop. Before you bring your gold jewelry to the pawn shop, it’s a good idea to spend some time cleaning it up. The problem is that most people don’t know how to clean gold jewelry. That’s why we’ve put together the following article to help you out! Remember to take your gold jewelry to Las Vegas Pawn for the best deals and the largest selection of items on the market.

1. Use Dish Soap, Ammonia, and Warm Water

One of the most important things to do when you want to clean your gold jewelry is to use dish detergent in warm water along with a couple of drops of ammonia. That way, you can avoid tarnishing your gold and get it looking great for when you go to trade it in at the pawn shop. You can mix the cleaning ingredients together and use a small soft toothbrush to clean it all off. Rinse the gold jewelry off after you are done and allow it to air dry. Keep in mind that gold is a fairly soft metal, which means you need to be extra careful when you are cleaning it.

2. Know What to Avoid

Another important tip for how to clean gold jewelry has to do with what you should avoid. There are substances like soap and chlorine that will potentially damage your gold jewelry and diminish its value. You can typically use dish soap, just make sure you aren’t using soap with harsh ingredients that you aren’t sure are safe for your jewelry. Chlorine can even permanently discolor your gold jewelry, so keep that in mind before you begin your cleaning.

3. Store Your Jewelry Safely

Even if your gold jewelry is clean, you need to prioritize keeping it safe until you are ready to wear it or take it into the pawn shop. That way, you can avoid tarnishing or scratching your gold jewelry while it is not in use. This common-sense tip will help you keep your jewelry clean and away from potential damage risks.

Cleaning your gold jewelry off is a great way to maximize the amount of money you can get from your local pawn shop. Remember that you should be extra careful when choosing cleaning products to use and that you should always store your jewelry away safely. Head over to Las Vegas Pawn today if you have gold jewelry to trade in or if you want to browse our amazing selection of quality items.