Everything You Need to Know About Platinum

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There was a time when gold was considered to be the most luxurious metal when it came to jewelry design. Even today, most fine jewelry will be set in gold. However, over the years, more and more people have begun to discover the beauty of platinum. Platinum, once known as the metal of kings, has long been known for its durability. If you’re giving a jewelry gift to someone special, why not choose a metal that is as strong as your relationship?

Platinum was discovered hundreds of years ago, however, it wasn’t until a few hundred years ago that jewelers began to use it in their craft. Royalty was among the first to wear platinum jewelry which is why the precious metal came to be known as the metal of kings.

What Makes Platinum So Special?

You may be surprised to learn that platinum is much rarer than gold. In fact, platinum is around thirty times harder to produce than gold. That’s because it takes upwards of ten tons of platinum ore to create just one ounce of pure platinum to make jewelry.

In addition to its rarity, platinum has many desirable features that make it ideal for fine jewelry. For instance, platinum does not fade until other metals. You can expect your platinum jewelry to maintain its luster for a lifetime.

Another quality that makes platinum so attractive is its durability. Platinum is an incredibly dense metal, which means it’s able to stand up to daily use. That’s what makes platinum such a great choice for rings and bracelets that will be sued on a regular basis. The durability of this metal also makes it ideal for setting diamond rings. The strength of platinum will ensure that your diamond setting will not break over time, keeping your valuable diamond safe.

Tips for Buying Platinum Jewelry

Unfortunately, there are some unscrupulous jewelry sellers who will try to pass off other metals as pure platinum, when they are in fact not. As a consumer, it can be helpful to know what to look for when purchasing platinum jewelry. First, you will want to look for a stamp that designates that the piece is platinum. This typically either reads “PLAT” or “Pt”. After the platinum designation, you will find another stamp that indicates the purity of the platinum. Common numbers are 900, 950, and 999.

Another way you can identify a platinum piece is by examining it for scratches. Platinum is so durable that it should not scratch with regular use. If you see signs of scratches on a “platinum” piece, then chances are it is in fact made mostly of silver. Finally, it is a good idea to take a magnet with you when you’re jewelry shopping. Precious metals such as platinum are not magnetic. If a piece that you’re looking at reacts to a magnet, then it is not truly platinum. Of course, the best way to avoid purchasing a fake platinum piece is to always work with a trusted jewelry seller.